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While reflecting on 2017, I realized it was an illuminating year! It’s been a year where the light bulb went off numerous times.

I’ve always said, “I’m late to the party!” It may take a while ~ in one case it took five years ~ but I know it will eventually happen! I finally “get it”!

It’s been a year of refusing to take the garbage. Cutting ties. I’m letting go of the people that do not value me, for me. Faults and all. For goodness sake, no one is perfect!

True friendships take work. I thoroughly appreciate one friend especially. If I’ve been crosswise in something, she’s called me on it immediately! We get it worked out and move on ~ together.

However, the exclusions, negativity, judgments, rudeness, and threats will not be tolerated any longer ~ from anyone. Life is way too short! No more negativity in my life!

Nope. It matters not whether a so-called friend or even a family member. I’ve had it.

I am done.

I already feel the ten-ton brick off my shoulders.

In this New Year ~ 2018 ~ I will continue my focus on doing the best I can to be a thoughtful, loving, and considerate individual, wife, daughter, and mom to Anna.

In this New Year ~ 2018 ~ I will continue to devote my time and energy only with family and friends who values and appreciates me.

In this New Year ~ 2018 ~ I will continue sewing for others, creating some things for me and mine, and making quilts for our veterans and others in need of comfort.

In this New Year ~ 2018 ~ I will hold on tight to the peace I have found.

I am blessed


As you can see, I don’t post here much anymore. My main focus has been over on Lanetta’s Creations blogspot site. Maybe I should focus more on my writing since I have so many works-in-progress and the characters are screaming in my head for their equal time.

It’s a tug-a-war indeed.

I’m keeping busy creating items to list on my ArtFire shop and to sell at the upcoming Burnet Creative Arts Show on April 6th and 7th here in Texas.

I don’t know. I know this article isn’t worth your time as it’s all about me. Who cares! Right?

How do you manage everything you want to accomplish/achieve?

Oh, my! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve posted here!

I basically muddled through 2010 – it’s a blurr now. Nothing major happened, just nothing happened! But, that’s another story.

I have 3 fiction and 1 non-fiction works in various stages of completing their 1st draft. It’s my goal over the next few months to continue (and complete!) their stories. Madison’s been screaming the loudest, so I’ll begin back with The Next Time Around (working title). I think I heard Ella whispering, too. Not only those two ladies, but their supporting cast are also beginning to stir. So many voices in my head!

Utilizing time better is my number one priority. I’ll touch base here ~ promise ♥ ~ more often as I get into the swing of writing the stories my characters are itching to share! I’ve not been slack in writing, if blogging counts. It’s where I’ve been, blogging over at Lanetta’s Creations! And, sewing for the women in our lives!


Preparations are underway to participate in the annual Bloomin Fest on Saturday, April 3rd. The primary purpose: to sell my books! Signed copies of Where Forever Begins and Finding Closure will be available for purchase.

In addition to the books, I’m preparing an assortment of handcrafted items to sell as well. Someone told me a long time ago: get folks in your booth and even if you don’t sell a book, send them packing with something to remember you. Maybe that day isn’t a good day, financially speaking, to spend the $15 or $17 for a book. But a smaller priced item with a tag that includes the website for later purchase is a good thing.

It was suggested by Erin Cawood to create a brochure or flyer to hand out to all who pass by the booth. Okay. By using software already on the laptop, it’s an easy formatting process. Then I started wondering, what should be included?

  • Picture of the book covers
  • Blurb (same as on the back of the books)
  • Tidbit on the works in progress
  • Author picture

Anything else? That’s when I decided to do an Internet search…

 The first site I visited gave what to put where (I’m using a tri-fold) … very helpful information from the “Write and Publish Fiction, Home for Fiction Writers” website. This is what they suggest:

1)    Front page should include author picture and graphic/illustration of book’s cover

2)    Middle pages add detailed description of book’s topic/theme, author bio, and contact information. Actually, on a tri-fold, the right side could be used as an order form.

3)    Back page – a great place to put review quotes!

So, okay… I’m adding another thing:

  • Review quotes


On to the next website….

Ah, The Dabbling Mum wrote an informative article “Design Your Own Brochure” with reminders on the physical layout, such as font size and type for clarity (oops, will change my “fancy” style back to the “plain” kind), and she shared using bullet points to place emphasis on important information.

In the article “Tips for Creating a Winning Business Brochure” I was reminded about selecting complementary colors… and to limit to two or three. Among a wealth of information provided, the explanation about using quality paper is a valid one.

Okay… is there anything else I need to know?

     Writing, creating a full-length novel, is a slow process. It is for me anyway. When not under-the-gun, like during November’s National Novel Writing Month challenge, each scene percolates, trickles through my mind before words form on the page.

     Developing the “stuff” – introducing the characters, establishing writing style and getting the main characters to the pivotal point of the story – each scene, every action or thought anyone has and all words spoken or heard – for everything there is a reason, a purpose – to move the story along. 

     According to the experts, however, the first draft should be written under the “fast draft” method…. rush rush rush through it, get it down on paper (electronic or tree-based), then begin editing & revising, tweaking through several revisions, filling in where previous notes indicated more research or development would be needed. 

     It’s hard for me to do this.

     I was chatting with an author friend, Erin Cawood, and discovered the fast paced writing process also kills her mojo. When I asked her to explain what “mojo” is, she gave this perfect response: “The enthusiasm mixed in with a passionate flow that allows to you to really create magic with your words.”

     Yes, the key is enthusiasm – the love and passion of the story, the process of creating the magical words to express it just right. This process, at least for Erin and I, takes precious time we are willing, and anxious to spend.

     Multiple rewrites and edits will follow, but only after a slow simmering initial creation!

How do you handle these two situations?

  • When writing in Morgan’s POV, and say, her sister Alice receives a telephone call, the reader/Morgan will not know what the caller is saying, but only read/hear Alice’s side of the conversation, correct?  But, if Morgan is alone, then the reader will read/hear the caller’s conversation as well. Correct? 
  • When Morgan is having a flashback, and she recalls something someone said, then I should use ‘single quotations’ around the quote, correct? See example:

The plans she and Blake had had when selecting their home flooded her thoughts. His words rang clearly as she remembered how he had explained, ‘Don’t worry how small it is now. There is plenty of room to grow.’ He had stood at the kitchen door with a hand on the knob, sporting his wide irresistible smile. The smile grew wider as he opened the door, motioning for her to follow out into the backyard. Holding his arms out wide, he had stepped off a large square, saying, ‘There is ample yard. We can add a family room here when we start having babies.’ She vividly recalled the kiss to her cheek he’d given her as he patted her stomach. Now where his kiss had been, she wiped away a tear and allowed one last time to grieve for the dreams that never came true.

This is how I achieved writing 50,000 words over a 16 calendar day period! Maybe something here will help you reach your goal!

Had a game plan going in using the FreeMind mapping system rather than the previous “pantserism” writing style.

Never opened TweetDeck

Rarely checked Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or email accounts

Wrote only a handful of emails to family and friends over the sixteen day period (Thank you for understanding)

Never played music with lyrics (only “had” to play one cd one time to cut out external noise)

Set times to achieve various word count goals throughout the day. Sometimes the plan didn’t work, but not because I didn’t try!

Wrote without using contractions… this was not (wasn’t) cheating!

My bad…
Rarely washed dishes
Rarely cooked dinner
Rarely cleaned the bathroom
Never vacuumed
Never swept a floor

Did have 5 days worth of “life” interruptions causing major adjustments to the daily word count average!

Goal reached, housework will eventually get done, and writing the story continues…

Native Texan living in the Hill Country writing and experiencing life one day at a time.

Novels by Lanetta J. Sprott:

Where Forever Begins Finding Closure

Where Forever Begins, A Simple Love Story and Finding Closure are available online at Lulu and Amazon.


Read a preview of both novels here.


New goal (to finish book): 95,000

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