Lanetta J. Sprott

Yelling and carrying on!

Posted on: June 6, 2009

I enjoy the process of writing. It takes a while to interview the characters, work out plots, and develop scenes, but it does eventually come together.

I’m yelled at by one character or another at the oddest of times. Like when I’m washing dishes, or preparing supper, or digging in the flowerbed, someone will invariably yell or “talk loud” to get my attention. I can be driving down the street or as I’m resting either mid-day or falling asleep at night and something I’ve written begins to tug at me. This is when I listen carefully, as it is usually an inconsistency I need to repair as soon as I get back to writing. I continuously ponder the events unfolding in my head and hope I recall the character’s needs, wants, and desires accurately.

It’s all a work in progress…

What’s tough is trying to keep the characters from my next book low-key until I can get through Ella!

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