Lanetta J. Sprott

Genderless issues

Posted on: June 13, 2009

Two characters in Ella are “genderless” – at least for a while, or maybe forever. I haven’t quite decided yet. Actually, when the mystery is solved… that one character… but, oops, it doesn’t necessarily mean …. Oooh! Just thought of something, another twist…. I love “talking” things out!

But, wait, hold on… readers want to know “who dun it?” ….don’t they? Yet, the “Lone Ranger” came to mind… he always rode off in the sunset and we never knew who he really was… he was a good guy, however…. What if the bad person is never identified? Would the reader throw the book across the room? Or, gently place the book in a friend’s hand to read?

Anyhoo… another thing for me to work out! Back to my original issue…because of my strong feelings of keeping gender out of the mix, it is a challenge to write pieces without using the typical he/she or his/her pronouns. It will only be a smidgen here and there from their POV so it won’t get boring or monotonous when I don’t mix in a pronoun with their proper name.


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