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Two books in one (fiction) – handling chapters

Posted on: June 14, 2009

I’m basically writing two books and will merge together once both are finished.

The main book is written in 3rd Person with multiple characters and the chapters are numbered.

The other book has only one character, written in 1st Person (and I’m using a different font type). I have numbered the chapters, but when I merge (inserting each chapter separately, where needed), it will throw both off….

So… what I’m thinking, wondering, what if I don’t number the “1st Person” chapters at all, or use alpha rather than numeric, along with the different font? Would the reader find this too confusing? I want the “mind’s movie” to continue without too much distraction.

Of course, when the merge happens, I could go back in a change all the chapter numbers… but would be a pain in the butt!

What do you think?


1 Response to "Two books in one (fiction) – handling chapters"

I would say that this is one way to keep the different POVs separate. Perhaps changing the 1P POV chapters to “Interludes” or “John, March 13, 4:50 pm” or whatever makes sense as chapter headers, so long as all the 1P POV chapters have similar chapter names and don’t compete as “chapters of a different book.”

It really doesn’t matter if renumbering the chapters is a “pain in the behind.” What matters is that the reader easily follows the book and the chapter breaks and switches of POV are carefully crafted to maintain the proper pacing and momentum of the story. If this entails a lot of hard work, so be it.

–David A. Rozansky
Flying Pen Press
“Giving Flight to Great Books”

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