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Posted on: June 21, 2009

FUP – I like this: FUP… My FUP books …..

The Internet is flooded with articles discussing the pros and cons of Print on Demand (POD). The purpose of this post is not to weigh in on the argument, but to explain why I chose Lulu for all my work.

Lulu is a free-until-print (FUP) service company. Their site is user-friendly and professional. Once a book is ordered, the costs are reasonable. The shipping/handling charges are similar to other online purchases.

After I totally completed (including having it professionally edited) Where Forever Begins and had sent out hundreds of inquiries, numerous synopsis, and a few requested manuscripts – all to no avail, I began the search for a POD. It was important (on many levels) to get my book printed without waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the “fifteen year overnight success” story I’ve read about here and there.

I will admit, every time I sent my work out I would have a mini panic attack thinking how an agent, or publishing house, could change, not only the content, or the title, but also the book’s cover design. Almost as important as the words contained therein, the title and cover I selected have special meaning/significance.

I certainly am okay with changing grammar or typo’s the professional editor, and everyone else I had read the manuscripts before printing, inadvertently missed. It would be nice to have a “perfect” book. It’s the creative license I do not want someone else to tinker with and change.

I totally skipped the search-for-an-agent step with Finding Closure and went straight to Lulu. I’ve not regretted my decision for one minute. I intend to do the same with Ella, my current project. Unless another FUP service can show their quality will surpass Lulu’s, I’m staying put! Or, unless, of course, an agent or publisher wants to pick it up as it is… with a few modifications between the covers!


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