Lanetta J. Sprott

Getting inside your character’s head

Posted on: June 26, 2009

Alternate title: “Letting your character inside your head”.

When I write a story, I totally get in the head of my characters. I touch, smell, hear, see, and taste what they experience. At times, I lose myself and become my character!

I have written of death and dying and, through my characters, I have experienced drawing the final breath. In Finding Closure, I wrote a murder scene. It was not a premeditated act. The “fight or flight” syndrome kicked in for my character so I was able to write the scene without too much difficulty.

A pivotal character in Ella is a killer. How do I effectively and totally get inside this character’s head? How do I plot and plan and write this character’s five senses when kidnapping and committing murder? How do I let this type of character inside my head?

I know authors do so effectively.

Even with chills crawling up my spine, I can only hope to do so as well. Any suggestions anyone can offer about how to work this uneasiness out of my system will be greatly appreciated!


1 Response to "Getting inside your character’s head"

I’ve spent the past two weeks concentrating on the killer’s POV. Surprisingly, this character is much easier to develop and grow than I originally thought!


I love it when a plan comes together!

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