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It’s getting there!

Posted on: August 25, 2009

I posted earlier about my writing space. Now for an update and some pictures.


Our progress…

We have a little more to do:
  1. Pull up carpet and old tile (CHECK!)
  2. Install handscraped hickory flooring! (In Process!)
  3. Purchase baseboards & door trim (CHECK!)
  4. Prime (CHECK!) & paint baseboards & door trim (CHECK!)
  5. Install baseboards & door trim (CHECK!)
  6. Paint additional trim (CHECK!)
  7. Move my desk, laptop, and other furnishings into the room! (CHECK!)
I’m thinking my spinning wheel will fit nicely in there, too! (CHECK!)
Ruth was here when we started the project. She would love what we’ve done with the room! 

3 Responses to "It’s getting there!"

This is a wonderful work in progress! To take an old house , tear out the windows, replace with storm windows, extend the walls into the room to allow for insallation then pullig off old ceiling and putting up a good quality sheet rock, tapeing , bedding and painting it along with taking up the carpet and the tile down to the bare floor to get ready to put the new Hickory scraped flooring , new base boards with a special decrative corner designed by Bud, corner moldings on the walls, putting crown molding with special corner attractions….Wow and the ” Slipper” pink walls and everything else primed and the painted in white is just to Prefection! and you 2 are doing all this yourselves makes you so proud of the outcome.
We are so proud of your progress!! Love you both, Momma and Daddy

Thanks to you two that we’ve gotten this far! Thank you again! Love you both!

The room is progressing nicely!

I’m encouraged when I update and add “CHECK” on the “to-do-list” above!

It looks like this time next week, I will be writing from my desk inside the room rather than from using a TV tray just outside! Yes!

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