Lanetta J. Sprott

Reaching the NaNo goal

Posted on: November 17, 2009

This is how I achieved writing 50,000 words over a 16 calendar day period! Maybe something here will help you reach your goal!

Had a game plan going in using the FreeMind mapping system rather than the previous “pantserism” writing style.

Never opened TweetDeck

Rarely checked Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or email accounts

Wrote only a handful of emails to family and friends over the sixteen day period (Thank you for understanding)

Never played music with lyrics (only “had” to play one cd one time to cut out external noise)

Set times to achieve various word count goals throughout the day. Sometimes the plan didn’t work, but not because I didn’t try!

Wrote without using contractions… this was not (wasn’t) cheating!

My bad…
Rarely washed dishes
Rarely cooked dinner
Rarely cleaned the bathroom
Never vacuumed
Never swept a floor

Did have 5 days worth of “life” interruptions causing major adjustments to the daily word count average!

Goal reached, housework will eventually get done, and writing the story continues…


5 Responses to "Reaching the NaNo goal"

Congratulations Lanetta,

I still think writing without contractions is cheating!

… although it would add another 1500 words to mine … mmm

Anyway, can’t wait to hear more about the progress of The Next Time Around.

Erin x

Thank you!

It is not (oops, isn’t) cheating!


I don’t NaNo, but still, I’m duly impressed. I can’t even imagine doing what you did. Congratulations!!!

Thank you! It was a challenge, but I was determined to do it this year! Good wishes for your continued writing success!

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