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Preparations are underway to participate in the annual Bloomin Fest on Saturday, April 3rd. The primary purpose: to sell my books! Signed copies of Where Forever Begins and Finding Closure will be available for purchase.

In addition to the books, I’m preparing an assortment of handcrafted items to sell as well. Someone told me a long time ago: get folks in your booth and even if you don’t sell a book, send them packing with something to remember you. Maybe that day isn’t a good day, financially speaking, to spend the $15 or $17 for a book. But a smaller priced item with a tag that includes the website for later purchase is a good thing.

It was suggested by Erin Cawood to create a brochure or flyer to hand out to all who pass by the booth. Okay. By using software already on the laptop, it’s an easy formatting process. Then I started wondering, what should be included?

  • Picture of the book covers
  • Blurb (same as on the back of the books)
  • Tidbit on the works in progress
  • Author picture

Anything else? That’s when I decided to do an Internet search…

 The first site I visited gave what to put where (I’m using a tri-fold) … very helpful information from the “Write and Publish Fiction, Home for Fiction Writers” website. This is what they suggest:

1)    Front page should include author picture and graphic/illustration of book’s cover

2)    Middle pages add detailed description of book’s topic/theme, author bio, and contact information. Actually, on a tri-fold, the right side could be used as an order form.

3)    Back page – a great place to put review quotes!

So, okay… I’m adding another thing:

  • Review quotes


On to the next website….

Ah, The Dabbling Mum wrote an informative article “Design Your Own Brochure” with reminders on the physical layout, such as font size and type for clarity (oops, will change my “fancy” style back to the “plain” kind), and she shared using bullet points to place emphasis on important information.

In the article “Tips for Creating a Winning Business Brochure” I was reminded about selecting complementary colors… and to limit to two or three. Among a wealth of information provided, the explanation about using quality paper is a valid one.

Okay… is there anything else I need to know?


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