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Knowing your audience is a must, to a point. Who else will buy and support your novels? If you write, however, strictly to please others, where is the passion, the purpose of telling your story the way it wants/needs to be told?

Not long ago a wise lady said, “Stay true to your self.” This is exactly what I needed to hear at a writing crossroad. A beta reader (BR), an avid fan and supporter of my two previous novels, basically threatened not to ever read any of my works again if I wrote of or implied a particular storyline in Ella.

This “threat” bothered me a great deal. I highly respect the opinion of this BR, but I also know and understand where she is coming from. It is not, however, the same place I am at now, or ever have been for that matter. And, neither has Ella.

It is the “right” and function of every reader to select novels according to their tastes and avoid those that they find of no interest or would find offensive if read. It is just as imperative for the author, the creator, to hold true to ones self.

Stay true to your own self, the truth will set you free!


Native Texan living in the Hill Country writing and experiencing life one day at a time.

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