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Alternate title: “Letting your character inside your head”.

When I write a story, I totally get in the head of my characters. I touch, smell, hear, see, and taste what they experience. At times, I lose myself and become my character!

I have written of death and dying and, through my characters, I have experienced drawing the final breath. In Finding Closure, I wrote a murder scene. It was not a premeditated act. The “fight or flight” syndrome kicked in for my character so I was able to write the scene without too much difficulty.

A pivotal character in Ella is a killer. How do I effectively and totally get inside this character’s head? How do I plot and plan and write this character’s five senses when kidnapping and committing murder? How do I let this type of character inside my head?

I know authors do so effectively.

Even with chills crawling up my spine, I can only hope to do so as well. Any suggestions anyone can offer about how to work this uneasiness out of my system will be greatly appreciated!


Native Texan living in the Hill Country writing and experiencing life one day at a time.

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