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     Writing, creating a full-length novel, is a slow process. It is for me anyway. When not under-the-gun, like during November’s National Novel Writing Month challenge, each scene percolates, trickles through my mind before words form on the page.

     Developing the “stuff” – introducing the characters, establishing writing style and getting the main characters to the pivotal point of the story – each scene, every action or thought anyone has and all words spoken or heard – for everything there is a reason, a purpose – to move the story along. 

     According to the experts, however, the first draft should be written under the “fast draft” method…. rush rush rush through it, get it down on paper (electronic or tree-based), then begin editing & revising, tweaking through several revisions, filling in where previous notes indicated more research or development would be needed. 

     It’s hard for me to do this.

     I was chatting with an author friend, Erin Cawood, and discovered the fast paced writing process also kills her mojo. When I asked her to explain what “mojo” is, she gave this perfect response: “The enthusiasm mixed in with a passionate flow that allows to you to really create magic with your words.”

     Yes, the key is enthusiasm – the love and passion of the story, the process of creating the magical words to express it just right. This process, at least for Erin and I, takes precious time we are willing, and anxious to spend.

     Multiple rewrites and edits will follow, but only after a slow simmering initial creation!


035Nature is such an inspiration.

The builder of this nest utilized the tools at hand. One tool the bird used was my hair, weaved through with the hay and twigs. It was evident the nest had been a hatching place then a first flight vantage point. Where it was discovered, it had to be rescued. Suffice it to say, I saved this nest and will preserve it as a reminder of how everything works together for the good.

I wonder how long it took the bird to create this nest? I brush my hair outside every chance I get, hoping for this purpose or will meet some other nature’s need. It was thrilling to see my efforts did not go unappreciated.

This is the way I feel about writing. I create to preserve a little bit of myself in each story I write. I am grateful and appreciative to those who read my novels and provide me with constructive feedback. They are my inspiration to continue, to push through the self-doubt, the block, and the frustration that comes with telling a story.

I enjoy the process of writing. It takes a while to interview the characters, work out plots, and develop scenes, but it does eventually come together.

I’m yelled at by one character or another at the oddest of times. Like when I’m washing dishes, or preparing supper, or digging in the flowerbed, someone will invariably yell or “talk loud” to get my attention. I can be driving down the street or as I’m resting either mid-day or falling asleep at night and something I’ve written begins to tug at me. This is when I listen carefully, as it is usually an inconsistency I need to repair as soon as I get back to writing. I continuously ponder the events unfolding in my head and hope I recall the character’s needs, wants, and desires accurately.

It’s all a work in progress…

What’s tough is trying to keep the characters from my next book low-key until I can get through Ella!

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