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A couple of weeks ago a friend asked how I marketed my self-published books: Where Forever Begins and Finding Closure. It got me to thinking how lax I had become in that area. Now, finally… I’m back again and doing something about getting my name and the name of my novels out there – at least in cyberspace.

It’s not that I’ve aspired, or ever imagined, becoming a well-known author such as Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, or Candace Havens. I don’t expect to ever sit on Ellen’s stage or be interviewed by Oprah. I write because I believe in the stories I share.

It doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things, but it took me four years to write Where Forever Begins, A Simple Love Story. Between living life, learning the “do’s and don’ts” of writing fiction, the historical research, and the professional editing process, the story finally came forth into print.

Finding Closure didn’t take as long to write, maybe a year. I began the story while WFB was in the editing process. A stolen moment of writing here and there, then participating in “Fast Draft” – developed and coordinated by Candace Havens – took it over the finish line.

Hundreds of thousands of articles on marketing are out in cyberspace… so much to read, so little time! I will come back here and post links to my favorites!

Upcoming post: why I use Lulu for all my work.


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