Lanetta J. Sprott


“In the Leaves” (working title)

From County Cork now living in Texas, Kiera is not formally introduced until Chapter 3.

Homicide Detective Fiona Delaney, however, feels her essence from page one. In the story, Kiera explains to Fiona: “It is not I that reveal, but it is you who can now see.”

Fiona has a hard time wrapping her head around the concept. A little snippet between the two:

“I wouldn’t wager any currency on my disappearance, mo chara! I’m here for the duration.”

“Duration of what?”

“Your life, sweet lass. I’m here beyond forever.”


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Native Texan living in the Hill Country writing and experiencing life one day at a time.

Novels by Lanetta J. Sprott:

Where Forever Begins Finding Closure

Where Forever Begins, A Simple Love Story and Finding Closure are available online at Lulu and Amazon.


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