Lanetta J. Sprott


Ella’s on hold

When writing resumes, Ella will undergo major changes.

Too many nightmares experienced while writing the original storyline so the type of conflict must be changed. It’s just not in me to do what was planned, at least the way it was written.

Writing awareness of what’s tragically happening in this day and time is one thing, but from the first person point of view is a totally different aspect. It’s too disturbing to get in that character’s head. I can’t do it.

Ella will, however, get the personal story she wants told. I’m waiting for her to give me another conflict to resolve, other than the emotional upheaval she will experience.

In the meantime, Kiera’s voice is loud and clear. My WIP “In the Leaves” is coming along nicely.




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Native Texan living in the Hill Country writing and experiencing life one day at a time.

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